The truth is, any deliberate training is better than not training. So, if you’re shooting on your own, then your shot should improve, even if only slightly. If you’re dribbling on your own, then your ball handing should improve, even if only slightly. However, casual training or training on your own will never compare with formal, consistent, and organized training. Without oversight by an experienced trainer, you’re simply unable to accurately evaluate the intensity, quality, or effectiveness of the training. Plus, when you train on your own, no one is there to push and motivate you, or demand maximum effort during the drills or workouts. Most importantly, you don't have other trainees to work with.

Let UBT help improve your game.



At UBT, you will have expert oversight, and you will leave each training session knowing that you have exerted maximum effort. Equally as important, UBT training includes drills and workouts involving multiple players. You can't practice passing, develop your one-on-one offensive moves, or learn proper spacing, without other players to workout with or against. Simply put, training on your own is vastly insufficient.

Training is available year round, and there is no set start point, so you can join our training sessions at any point during the year. Start and stop based on your schedule and needs. The training sessions run year round.


The shooting clinic targets all aspects of shooting. Attendees will take hundreds of shots in each session including, but is not limited to, form shooting, bank shots, 3 pointers, shots off the dribble, free throws, and much more. If you’re looking to improve your shooting form, accuracy, and arsenal, UBT’s shooting clinic is a must. Shooting clinics are every Friday and Saturday. Just like the training sessions, there is no set start or end date. You can sign up based on your schedule — come once, or every week, it’s up to you.




UBT camps are fun and a great way to improve your skills. Camps are usually held on school holidays. They are extended versions of the normal training sessions, and are anywhere from 4 to 6 hours long.

Check out our home page for the latest upcoming camp info.

Private Training

One on One private training with Coach So. Bring a friend for a discount.


Training Plans and Levels

First, choose a plan for training, and then Coach So will place you in the level best fit for you

Ultimate plan

Price is $300 per month

The Platinum Plan is for those who desire rapid improvement and consistent weekly training.

Each session is 2 hours long

Attend up to 4 sessions a week

Up to 8 hours a week

Up to 32 hours a month

Standard plan

Price is $200 per month

The Standard Plan is perfect for those who want weekly training on an affordable budget.

Each Session is 2 hours long

Attend Up to 2 sessions a week

Up to 4 hours of training a week

Up To 16 hours a month


Good starting point to learn ball-handling skills for players that are still mastering ball-handling fundamentals and finishing skills.


Advanced trainees have good fundamentally sound dribbling skills and finishing skills. They are looking to take it to the next level.


For players that must have at least 3 years of AAU and/or 2 years of D1 Travel experience.