UBT is the best basketball training available in Northern Virginia. It’s challenging but you see results.
— Susan A.
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— Claire C.


At UBT, we have a passion for basketball. We believe that “there is no substitute for training.” The more you train, the better you perform. In other words, “Train to Gain.”

Our goal is simple — we train basketball players. All players, tall or short, fast or slow, should be able to handle, shoot, and pass the basketball. At UBT, our focus is comprehensive — you learn to play the game of basketball. Our training consists of drills and workouts designed to improve your ball handing, scoring, passing, rebounding, and defensive skills. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, UBT is the place for you. If you love basketball, have a passion to improve, and are ready to work, then contact us now. Let’s get started!



The truth is, any deliberate training is better than not training. So, if you’re shooting on your own, then your shot should improve, even if only slightly. If you’re dribbling on your own, then your ball handing should improve, even if only slightly. However, casual training or training on your own will never compare with formal, consistent, and organized training. Without oversight by an experienced trainer, you’re simply unable to accurately evaluate the intensity, quality, or effectiveness of the training. Plus, when you train on your own, no one is there to push and motivate you, or demand maximum effort during the drills or workouts. Most importantly, you don't have other trainees to work with.

At UBT, you will have expert oversight, and you will leave each training session knowing that you have exerted maximum effort. Equally as important, UBT training includes drills and workouts involving multiple players. You can't practice passing, develop your one-on-one offensive moves, or learn proper spacing, without other players to workout with or against. Simply put, training on your own is vastly insufficient.

Let UBT help improve your game.


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